Friday, December 21, 2007


Ok, hands up I've been a lazy so and so for not posting anything on here for a few weeks, in my defence I will tell you that I have been mega busy with work as we head up to the big day and also to be honest there ain't much happening horticulturally at the moment!

I have got some peas growing in gutters at home which are doing well and I will run them up to the allotment some time over the Christmas break to bed them in. We have decided to try these a bit earlier this year as others were having fab crops a lot earlier than us with our later spring sowing.

I've managed to race up to the plot most weekends to pull up some carrots and parsnips for our Sunday roast plus the odd cabbage so we're still managing to provide a lot of our own veg. The plot does tend to get a bit waterlogged so it's not easy to do much else up there at the moment even though we have loads of work to do on the new next door plot.

Anyway, I will take some up to date pics of the said pea plants and plots soon and let you know about my plans for a mini greenhouse on the new plot soon (recycling here we go!!!)

Have a FABULOUS Christmas and New Year!!!