Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sometimes it's bloody hard work!

Ok let's admit it, I wanted to do this allotment malarkey thinking it would be all fun, writing blogs and Peter rabbit/Mr. McGregor type gardening BUT (and it is a big but!) it bloody well 'aint like that!
I've avoided adding pictures of the plot as a whole in the last few weeks as it's been a Weed ridden field! But now after a few hours of work I can show you a picture of a semi-decent plot!

BUT (another big but!) I really need to stress something here, it has been very hard work digging, strimming and cutting but I have had my very capable other half 'D' toiling away in the background and whilst it has been tough going there is a HUGE amount of pleasure and satisfaction too!

To be able to stand back and look at our plot looking cared for is so satisfying and rewarding, I feel an enormous amount of sadness for all the people that we know have only just started this year on our site and already given up but I do understand the pressure they must feel .... we feel the same pressure. It doesn't always feel good but when it does it feels bloody great.
Same view from last November
Tonights meal was Lamb tagine served with Carrots, peas, french beans, cabbage and new potatoes, all from the plot (well, not the Lamb obviously!) The Lamb Tagine (Moroccan Lamb Casserole) was cooked in the slow cooker all day whilst we were at the plot so by the time we came back it was ready. All that was needed was to cook the fresh veg that we had brought back from the plot. It really is an amazing feeling to cook and eat a meal using all your own produce.
So to anyone out there thinking of giving it all up...DON'T!!! I was told to do a little bit at a time when I started but me being me and with the help of my AMAZING assistant 'D' we had to attack the entire plot, we are getting there, it's an uphill struggle but the feeling of satisfaction is fantastic.


Leonie said...

well done for not giving up, I know how much hard work it is and totally agree it's not always easy. your dinner sounds lovely!

glosterwomble said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement Leonie.

The dinner was lovely, slow cookers are just great things for cooking fall apart meat, really gorgeous!

Cuke said...

Looking good! You should feel very proud after all that hard work!
I'm still dying to get my hands on a plot, wish Upton St Leonards wasn't so popular! Starting to think I should apply where you are too if people are giving up...

glosterwomble said...

Thanks Cuke, there are loads of plots available at our site but I would say stick with the one you really want to be on. I wanted to be on another site and still wish I was in a way although I'm starting to feel more settled where we are now.

Cole said...

Howdee doodee!
Glorious weather, aint it.
I have enjoyed tidying up my own garden today. Still haven't been up t'plot - feel I'm fighting a terminal battle. Feel terrible guilt as I know that there's a 'use it or loose it' feel about allotments and the encroaching Barratt homes brigade. Hopefully when my friends-who-want-half-my-plot get their act together I will be back up there, in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.
Still - I will not be downhearted on such a lovely day! Got a big telling off from Freecycle today, and still feel upbeat! ( Gave out my phone number to all the crazed idiots who have nothing better to do than ring freecyclers,apparently)
Enjoy the sun!Hope you feel the benefit of Monday - do you get Tuesday off in lieu?

glosterwomble said...

Hi Cole, indeed my friend it has been glorious weather!

We've spent an intensive weekend at the allotment so far and also done some visiting of gardens (well just, the one) I do get Tuesday off this week so I am celebrating with a bottle of wine as we speak!

Update coming soon

Star said...

I love your lottie Glosterwomble, in fact the whole site looks stunning.


Note to your blog, do your blog!

glosterwomble said...

Thanks Star that's really kind of you!! I look forward to your blog!