Monday, September 03, 2007

Littleover allotments open

Whilst visiting friends in Derby this weekend we managed to shoe horn in a trip to an allotment site which was open to the public under the 'National Garden Scheme' which helps raise money for charity.
I am an avid fan of the website 'Allotments 4 all' and it was through this site that I found out that the allotments would be open.
I have to say that I am SO jealous of the plot holders that manage to get a plot on this site. 'Littleover' allotment site is the most wonderful place with it's own museum, school reception centre and purpose built loos!!
It's a huge site with long pathways between neatly clipped hedges and the mix of different plot styles is fantastic.
The 2 pictures below show plots owned by 2 fellow 'Allotments 4 all' users and in my humble are 2 of the most amazing plots I have ever seen!
Above and below
Plots belonging to 'Allotments 4 all' membersThe next 2 pictures show an amazing plot which belongs to a wonderful lady who insisted that we take some plants home with us. She has created a mix between ornamental and productive garden and it looks fantastic!
A lot of these plots also back onto houses so people have been able to rent the plot behind their house and extend their growing space.
Above and below
Ornamental and productive plot
The next pic was taken whilst standing inside a Dahlia growers plot, the most amazing array of dahlias I have ever seen, this pic only shows a small selection of them but it also shows the incredibly neat hedging between plots and the sweet little gateways that each plot has.
And the last couple of pics show how inventive we allotmenteers are when it comes to shed building. Regular readers of my blog will know I LOVE allotment buildings and especially ones that look wonky and are quite obviously made from left over bits!

I would urge anyone to visit this site when it is next open, we had a great couple of hours, the site was beautiful , very peaceful and the people were some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They opened in May aswell this year so I'm hoping they will do the same next year and we'll squeeze in another trip.


Cole said...


Aren't they fantastic.

I am rotovated! ( Plotmates did it while I was in Weymouth!!)

glosterwomble said...

WOW!!! You've been rotovated!!! Fantastic, I'm so chuffed for you, it'll be so much easier now.

Littleover allotments really were superb, such an inspiration!

dee said...

Their just how my plot looks! In my dreams :) or when im wearing my rose coloured specks...

glosterwomble said...

Hi Dee, I agree, they make you feel almost green with envy! :)