Friday, January 26, 2007

Wet, wet, wet!

Totally and utterly wet, drowned, quagmire etc etc, I now feel like a broken record rattling on to people about how wet everything is! One mistake you make when you take on an allotment is to tell the world and his dog that you have done so, at first this is great because they ask all the right questions and are excited for you etc but then when like me you haven't been able to do jack all they still ask all the same questions (am I making sense? I think I'm rambling now!)
It's great that people are wanting to know how you're doing but now I'm constantly saying ' nah, too wet at the moment, just a load of mud. Roll on spring'

My job, I might add, is hairstylist so I see approx. 10 - 14 clients a day not to mention all the other stylists clients. The thing with my job is that generally I see a client around every 5 - 6 weeks so when they come in to see me for the next trim etc we play catch up with each others lives, hence me talking about the fact that people keep asking me about the plot. I'm starting to feel like I'm loosing the plot!

I don't work Mondays so generally I think that is going to be my day down on the plot aswell as evenings in the summer. I had a quick jaunt down there on Mon just gone to go and check on the plastic that's down to make sure it was all pinned down still.

Skip Raiding!!
Wombling activities have now shot through the roof!! We've had a skip around the corner from our house since before Christmas which I've had a steady stream of items from (picture the scene.... 2 grown men struggling and I do mean struggling to lug home some old breeze blocks) breeze blocks, windows, guttering, stone etc etc It'll all come in handy, I just need to be careful that I don't allow the plot to start to resemble Steptoes's yard!
I managed to remember to take the camera with me, the one above is standing at the shed looking back down the plot, it doesn't really look much different from the photo in November when I was clearing it. Look at it as a (very much) before picture, I'm going to take pics from here to compare over the summer.

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