Wednesday, March 14, 2007


View from balcony of our holiday home!

We went to Pembrokeshire (Wales) last week with some very good friends for a much needed quick break. I lust after the main fortnight holiday of the year when we go to hot climates but equally these shorter breaks in our own country are bliss!!

When we got back on Monday Spring had arrived in our 4 day absence, the garden has changed SO much in such a short time and we have been able to work in it without fear of getting stuck in the mud. New roses planted and new herbaceous plants placed on beds ready to plant.

The one thing that I really love to see at this time of year are the hedgerows coming to life. We're lucky to live in an outstandingly beautiful area on the edge of the three counties Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and we have some amazing, wonderfully maintained ancient hedges and hedge laying appears to be on the up in our area rather than neglecting them and or worse still grubbing them out altogether.
I love the almost acidic lime green colour of the new foliage unfurling and the way in which the hedges and trees are just speckled with this green as if someone has loaded a big paintbrush with lime green paint and flicked and sprayed colour all over them, pure magic and such a welcome sight after the barren months of winter.

This weekend is supposedly going colder again but hopefully it will remain dry and I can get down to the allotment to attack some more beds, the chitting potatoes in the shed are coming on well and I really need some beds prepared for them and a good seed bed created too...hopefully!

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