Friday, March 02, 2007

by 'eck

Well, I'm a Derbyshire lad by birth and spent a large chunk of my early years growing up in the Peak District so you'd reckon I'd be quite hardy to the weather down here in Gloucestershire considering that it's the south in comparison but we've had some cold weather again that's been a bit of a shock to the old system!

I've spent the last couple of nights making newspaper pots to transplant seedlings into and I'm glad that it's a job that could be done sitting in front of the fire in the sitting room, folding paper around a jam jar and tucking the ends in creates a surprisingly robust little pot which of course can be planted out complete once the weather and seedling are right.

I was hoping I could get down to the allotment this weekend but I'm not sure it's worth it, as I sit here typing the rain is battering the window and the wind is howling, a real horror movie type scene!

I've just bought some plug plants for the garden, Tesco of all places are selling a good selection of plugs so I bought up a load of busy lizzy plugs. I had busy lizzies last year and they really were amazing, I planted them in May and the first frost at the beginning of November finished them off...not bad going! Lets hope the weather improves so I can start the potting up process, I feel that it's going to suddenly get warm, spring will arrive and I'm going to have to be working every hour God sends to keep up with it all, let's hope he's on my side through out spring!

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