Thursday, May 17, 2007


I managed a quick jaunt up to the plot on Tuesday evening, it's still been raining like mad and I was intrigued to see what had developed at the plot in my absence. I'm chuffed to say that after a failed attempt at the beginning of April, my second sowing of carrots has germinated!!!!! I almost danced for joy that I'd managed to get them to grow, I think it proves that it was just too hot and dry for the last lot.

The above picture is a panorama that I took of the plot and shows next door's traditionally cultivated plot (immaculate!) and obviously my bed system (not immaculate!)
We have left the first 5 metres of the plot (far left of pic) undug so that we could park the car on it when we need to, the only problem though is that I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of space and also when I went there the other day, on the bike, the lady who has a plot almost opposite me arrived and parked on my plot without saying a word (apart from 'Hi!' ) She just parked up like it was a local car park and walked over to her plot to work on it. I do feel a bit scrooge like that I have now put obstacles in the way to prevent it happening again but it does seem a bloody cheek and to not even ask if it was ok! I really do need space for the squashes etc. so I do think I'll be digging some of it up soon anyway.

The potatoes had grown amazingly well in the week or so of rain that we'd had, it just shows how essential water really is. The picture to the right shows the potato beds, the nearest one shows 2 rows of first earlies and a row of Pink Fir Aplle which are only just poking through!

The garden is looking great, unfortunately it appears devoid of flowers when viewed from afar as in this picture which was taken from the bathroom window (my overhead vantage point for planning changes and viewing my vast estate!!)
The iron tree plant support from Malvern spring show can just be seen in the bottom of the pic with clematis now attached to it.

The other pic shows the garden as dusk is taking hold, on my home pc this is quite a good pic but on my work pc it's crap!! Apologies if you can't make it out.
What I'm trying to show is the lighting system that I installed recently which consists of small lights strategically placed amongst the plants and a spotlight bathing the apple tree in light to create a feature at night. I think it looks great, D is slightly unsure and has made comments about 747's wanting to use it as a runway! Cheeky sod! You just can't find the right class of partner/garden help these days! :)


Leonie said...

Your garden looks lovely at dusk, the lighting really does give it a nice romantic glow. Agree about the water, my potatoes which were planted very late have grown so well with the rain we've had recently. Seedlings really need the moisture to thrive, but unfortunately weeds and slugs and snails also thrive with the moisture!

glosterwomble said...

Hi Leonie, yes you're right, the slugs have gone crazy since the rain and we're also suffering with aphid infestation! We're trying to be organic so I'm not using any spray so it's tough going.

glosterwomble said...

....also meant to say, thanks for the nice comment about lighting at dusk etc.

Cole said...

I just want to say hello- I have been searching for a local allotment blog, as I have been the V proud owner of an allotment for 5 hours now - and realise I don't really have a clue! Will be looking to you for inspiration and advice, espesh as you're keen not to nuke the wildlife either.
I must say, I also love your garden. It's excellent.

glosterwomble said...

Thanks Cole, I'm very flattered by your comments!! I hope I can be of help to you through this blog but I feel duty bound to remind you that I'm a total novice really, I just pretend to know what I'm talking about! Where is your plot?? And you really must also join Allotments4all (there is a link on this blog)Good luck!

Cole said...

Hi again,

My plot is in Innsworth, and I guess from piccies you may be Estcourt?
We couldn't resist going up again tonight to start pulling out the couch grass, even though Accord have said they'll be around this week to strim it off. My allotment neighbour said hello and gev me some spring onions. Isn't that nice.

glosterwomble said...

Sadly I'm not on Estcourt Rd. that would have been my first choice, I'm on Tredworth fields/Hawthornes.
I'm green with envy that Accord have said they will strim yours for you, I was told to get on with it myself, if you look at my first postings in November you'll see that it took me 3 days just to strim it, it really was a bloody jungle! Sounds like you're already addicted and that you've got great neighbours which really is a bonus, you must start an allotment blog!

Cole said...

A blog would be great, but I don't know if I'd have time. I sat in the garden tonight and realised that I won't have so much time to keep it up, if I'm also 'down on t'plot'.
Not that there's much left of our garden once the chickens have hoovered their way through the soil.
Did you have a rotovator to clear your allotment? I'm thinking of hiring one for next week, but Roy next-to-me reckons that this would only encourage weed growth. I can't hand dig 50 feet!
Oh - I know what I was going to say - do you know the Green party man who has a Tredworth community allotment? I've only heard of him ( is it Brian Malloy or summat?)

glosterwomble said...

no we didn't use a rotovator we just strimmed it down and then dug out the 10 beds in a grid fashion working VERY slowly. If you use a rotovator you break up all the perrenial weed roots (couch grass, bindweed, dandelion, ground elder, nettles, thistles etc) which will double the amount of root in the soil because each tiny broken piece will grow. Our plot neighbours did this but are happy to then use roundup which is the only way if rotovating (but not as green)Do it slowly, cover some with plastic or carpet and forget it and only dig part of it this year.

I've never heard of the Green party man....I will keep a look out!