Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Toms and beans

WOW, can someone hold the clock hands still whilst I get some planting done pleeease!!!! I have so much to do and it feels like the year is whizzing by, our forthcoming hols add to the pressure of getting plants in and settled.

I managed to get another row of canes in for beans, this time I have planted 'Best of All' runner beans and my 'Borlotto' beans (the Italian ones with red streaked pods) I've got just enough space left for french climbing beans which I've sown in modules inside.

By the look of the pic I've also got a carrier bag tree....nice 'aint it!

The other VERY over due job was to sort out the toms. Due to the watering side of things I decided that these will have to stay at home. Directly outside the back of the house is an area that I always call the 'Ginnel' area (a good northern name for a narrow passage between two houses or a back lane behind terraced houses) anyway, this ginnel area is directly outside the back of the house before you go into the rest of the sprawling estate. It's the perfect spot for my toms in grow bags and I also put a big pot with 3 canes in to grow some french climbing beans on (as if I didn't have enough beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I grew beans there last year before the allotment entered our lives, it was so nice to be able to walk out the back door and grab a handful for tea, hence me doing it again.

In both of these pictures you can see one of my plastic planthouses that I've used to propagate most things. I'd love a 'proper' greenhouse but I just don't know how we'd fit it into this garden, it's big enough but there just doesn't seem to be the right space anywhere, I'll have to ponder that one a bit more though and convince 'D' that it's a good idea!!! :)

Some of my Sweetcorn, Leeks and Nicotiana seedlings


Cole said...

Ah - a new post from Womble at last! I now know why my daughter likes getting the Beano delivered!
I like your garden view - nice pots n' oar combo.
You could put a lean-to greenhouse type thang down the "ginnel" couldn't you?
I love that word - my Mancunian friend uses it a lot. Did you start life a-wombling oop North as well then?

glosterwomble said...

Cool! Does that make me the Dennis the mennace of the gardening world!?
The ginnel area sadly doesn't get sun so whilst I have another small plastic planthouse there it isn't really ideal for a proper greenhouse, things get a bit too leggy looking for the sun...with all this rain I know how they feel!

And yes, originally a good honest Derbyshire/Yorkshire lad, but lived in Herefordshire since the age of 9 and now Gloucestershire.

Cole said...

Dennis the Menace - lol.

I have a question - do you use slug pellets? I vowed never to use things like that, and I've done all the stuff you're supposed to do to attract slug-munchers, such as feeding the birds, putting in a pond (and we have seen frogs). But STILL the little sods eat nearly everything I have in the garden, and I'm woried this will just happen in the allotment too. F'rinstance, two days ago I planted some flowering marigolds, only to see that today all I have left are green stems! My heart says 'green' but it's so disheartening when all your hard work seems to get eaten overnight.
Any ideas/suggestions?
I have read about nematodes, but this seems expensive.
With allotments, is it a case of planting so much that even if they do have a nibble, they can't possibly get to it all? Or do you just throw them onto someone else's plot when no-one's looking??!

One more question - henna - natural beauty, or brightly coloured spawn of the devil?

glosterwomble said...

We use 'ADVANCED SLUG KILLER' pellets. These are classed as organic and available at nearly all garden centres and I've also bought them at B&Q. They work well for us and the blurb says they are safe for all wildlife, kids and pets and break down naturally into the soil. I LOVE the idea of throwing them onto someone elses plot, I might adopt that idea nd blame you if I get caught!!

Henna?? Are you asking from my professional point of view? Most people I see with henna tend to be slightly alternative (the great unwashed!)
Probably lost half my blog audience now as they stomp off in disgust at my anti henna comments!

Cole said...

Thanks for slug advice - been to Churchdown and bought some today. (Along with lots of other bits and bobs including a beautiful stripey mauve viola)
My lower back is sunburnt from digging 9-12 today on t'plot! I've only managed to do about 2ft by 3 ft (clay soil, bum) but am going to put in some potatoes that are in pots at home, to try and break up the soil a bit.
Met another new plot neighbour and was immediately given runner bean seeds/parsnips to plant already!

Re the Henna thing - yes, it was cos you is a dresser of the hair. I use it all the time, and think it's OK, but sometimes I wonder whether hairdressers look at me and think differently! Didn't know whether there was a secret underground anti-henna movement amongst the hairdressing cogniscenti!

glosterwomble said...

See, I knew it, I've upset you now with my anti henna comments!

In my early training years I did use henna on myself so I'm not adverse to it, I don't think there is a huge anti movement in the hairdressing world though so you're ok!

Fellow allotmenteers (spelling?) are fab people, our neighbours are great.

Cole said...

I've offered half my allotment to a friend - Hurrah - now it doesn't seem so daunting. And I suppose we'll be able to share the cost of seeds etc.

glosterwomble said...

I think that's a great idea, without my partner helping to dig my plot I'd never have done it, it makes sense to take your time and not put too much pressure on yourself.

Cole said...

Well. I've been and gone and sided with the devil, for verily, this day I have used Roundup, lent by Mr Next-to-me. After all my talk of my high green ideas, I have turned to the dark side, ho hum.
I also got to use his rotavator down a little bit of my plot - aren't they difficult! I thought it would be like hoovering, but it's literally like holding back a Shire horse that can smell a packet of Polos isn't it.
Finally - Mr Next-to-me chases and squashes flat a mouse that was hiding under some of my carpet. God, I'm ashamed to be human sometimes..

glosterwomble said...

Cole....thank you for entering the 'Fork It' confessional box, we have noted your sin and will pray for your soul, may God be with you...

Cole said...

lol (in scary evil Rent-a-ghost way)