Friday, July 06, 2007

We're back!! And mixing with the famous people...darling!

So, whilst the entire UK was submerged we were sat in Greece experiencing one of the hottest summers that they've had for 50 years! 34 degrees at night!! So whilst I'm not excited to be back in rainy blighty, I am glad to be feeling a tad cooler. (And the bloody watering system in the garden wasn't needed was it!!)
Anyway, back to normality...
Before we went on hols, Cole, my regular stalker/comments contributor (only kidding Cole!) told me that Cath Kidston's garden would be open to the public on 1st July. To anyone who doesn't know who Cath Kidston is, well she's a designer of homewares, fabrics, retro kitchen accessories etc. basically a modern day Laura Ashley (not sure if she does clothes though) and she's married to a famous record producer, so a rather famous lady in the world of fashion and design.
We were very near to not going because of the weather being so rubbish but there were enough breaks in the rain for us to drive 20 mins over to her FABULOUS Cotswold farmhouse/manor house and boy am I glad we went. The gardens were beautiful, stereotypical English gardens with topiary, herbaceous beds, masses of roses and loads of Lavender. The house is set within the most peaceful valley with a very long drive down to it so it feels very secluded and a great feeling of peace and tranquility pervades over the place.

We spent ages walking through the garden which much like Hidcote consists of interconnecting rooms and amazingly it stayed sunny all the time we were there.

'D' sat in Cath Kidston's summerhouse

Back by the side of the house there was an open sided outbuilding where three beautiful young girls were serving afternoon teas assisted by Cath Kidston herself, I presume the girls were her daughters. It would have been rude to refuse the offer of scones, clotted cream and tea and it gave us the chance to talk to the lady herself which was great and she came across as a really nice person. After the tea and numerous failed attempts by Ms. Kidston to force more scones upon us we walked with her over to the plants sale area and bought plants that we didn't really need but just couldn't resist, unbeknownst to me while I was looking at which plants to buy Cath Kidston and D were stood behind me with her sneakily giving D a packet of 6 Scones and tub of clotted cream to take home because they'd got so much left over! What a bizarre but fantastic afternoon, a beautiful garden, a break in this mad weather and an amazing opportunity to meet someone famous! Ooh I do get starstruck!
Back at the allotment things are looking good, obviously the rain was good for our crops, I dug up our first batch of new potatoes to have with salad for tea, they weren't that small mind you, more like maincrop potatoes than small new pots.

Anyway lots planned, things to do, hopefully this rain will slow down soon or maybe I should start building an ark??


Cole said...

Cor, blimey..
Come hail or thunder, I'm going next year if she does another open day.
What a place! I must admit I never heard of her husband/partner - will have to google him.

glosterwomble said...

Apparently he is called Hugh Padgham and has done records for Bowie, Sting and Paul McCartney, I think he is mega famous probably but the name Cath Kidston means more to me! We met him too and he offered us a lift in his car back up the drive to the main road where our car was, he seemed a nice guy.

Cole said...

Can you just stop now, before I die of apoplectic jealousy.
Next you'll be saying David Bowie was offering reflexology in a teepee and Elvis was doing the weeding.
Just stop!