Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gutter peas and Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcorn!

I'm dead excited to have planted sweetcorn, I completely adore the taste of it smothered in butter (or maybe flora in our house!) Plus they are one veg that they reckon really does taste better for being picked cooked and eaten in less than 10 minutes, something that is obviously impossible with shop bought.
I finally managed to get them into the plot in a bed of their own apart from the squash/courgettes I planted around their bases. This is almost a '3 Sisters' approach, only the beans are missing from this. In a 3 sisters bed you plant corn, beans and squash. The idea is that the beans use the corn stems to grow up, and the squash grow happily in the unused space on the ground below the beans and corn. Obviously in this instance the beans are on the other side of the plot in their own bed with bamboo cane supports.

The peas that I've been growing at home in gutters went in today.

You sow the pea seeds into gutters and get them growing, then when they are ready to transplant to the plot you just tip them into a ready dug trench, pea roots hate being disturbed and this method respects that and it seems to have worked...yeah!

I've been flying around like a headless chicken as we're soon to depart for foreign lands leaving the house, garden and allotment in other capable hands whilst we are away, I don't want to leave it all as it's all just coming to life!! Someone told me that if you take your holiday at this time of year that you are obviously NOT a serious gardener!! PAH! That is what I say! I spent a bloody fortune on a computerised watering system for the garden and charmed the allotment neighbours, see I know how to do it! Plus if you click on this link HERE you'll see that Gloucester in Bloom and Gloucester city council are using a photo of our garden from last year when we won 'Best City Garden' in their publicity for this years competition. (Ours is half way down the page on the right hand side in the civic pride award section) They're also using it in the official leaflet for this years competition, so we aint doin too bad eh!? Adios for a week or 3!


Cole said...

Did you have a good holiday?
Did the NLP work?
Did you get to Cath Kidston's garden?

glosterwomble said...

Hi Cole, we had a GREAT holiday, most of Europe is experiencing a heatwave inc. Greece which was hotter than I have EVER experienced! Did the NLP work? Good question, I still took the diazepam that the doctor gives me to enable me to get on the plane but I have to say that even without it I was feeling much calmer so maybe it did have some effect.
And as for Ms. Kidston's garden visit .... wait for the next entry, it was fab!

Cole said...

Sod it.
I knew I should have braved the rain on Sunday.
Hope you took photos