Monday, October 01, 2007

Holiday (Yes another one!) and Malvern Autumn Garden Show

The panorama that heads this page is of Southwold in Suffolk, we've just spent a glorious week at D's parents down there and had a fab time. Much to the annoyance of my hairdressing clients who always, without exception exclaim "Another holiday?!" when I tell them I'm going away for a week. This is, I have to insist, only a week out of the four weeks that I take off from work but the buggers think I have too much!! Anyway......

Our trip to Beth Chatto's Garden near Colchester should have been the highlight of the week but sadly ended up being a washout, we went in the pouring rain and when we arrived we went around her garden nursery, spent money there and in the tea room (V. V. expensive) and then left! Oh well maybe next time it'll be dry for us to go around the gardens.

Beth Chatto Nursery

In contrast the place that we went to thinking that it might be a quick jaunt was Wyken hall and Vineyards.

From the moment we drove down the impressive drive to be greated by the Great barn converted into Country store and restaurant I suspected we'd be there for longer than we initially thought.

Again not a cheap place to go to but if you are in the Suffolk/Essex area it really is a stunning place. The Elizabethan hall at the heart of the estate is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens including knot garden, maze, kitchen garden etc. Not huge gardens but beautifully executed and the entire place ooooooooozes style and sophistication!

Wyken Hall

One thing I had decided to do this year having gone down the grow your own path was to exhibit some of the produce from the plot. I'd love to say that below are some pictures of my produce but sadly for one reason and another I didn't get around to doing it.

The show in question is the Autumn garden show at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern (Worcestershire) which is only around 20 mins drive from us and just down the road from Ledbury where my salon is.

I love these type's of shows, they do a Spring garden show too (click here to read of our trip to that) which to be honest is the better one but the Autumn one is fab for the Harvest Pavillion with the veg exhibits. I have never seen such impressive veg in all my life!! Thank the lord we didn't try this year!!!!! I am however determined to try something next this space!!

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