Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Starling aerobatics

Below is a video of the spectacle we are subject to every evening as the local flock of starlings performs it's aerobatics. It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, they cover the roads, houses and cars in muck but for us it is a small price to pay to watch this natural phenomenon.(Excuse the quality and VERY anoying clicking it's from a digital camera)


VP said...

That's just fantastic! I'm working on an article called 'Where have all the starlings gone?' for my blog. It's recalling the time when just such a display was seen at Temple Meads on a winter's evening. Now I know where they are ;)

I've also worked out on a project in Mallorca where we've had to count the starlings whilst doing this. You choose a 'block' of birds to estimate the number of them in the block, then estimate the number of blocks whirling around. We got up to 300,000 birds some evenings!

I'll link to your film when I publish if that's OK with you?

glosterwomble said...

Hi VP, glad you liked the video, they are amazing to watch aren't they. You are more than welcome to link to the video..

Paul and Melanie said...

Wow... I saw something similar on that Nature Of Britian program a few months ago but I've never seen it 'live' so to speak.

You'll have to ask them to go on tour around the rest of Gloucester for a few days so I we can see them too! :)

glosterwomble said...

Ok Paul, I'll send them up to your neck of the woods tonight!!