Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wilko's Cheap Onion sets

I find the lure of the seed catalogues very hard to avoid but this year I decided not to buy my onion sets from Marshalls or other seed company. I might regret the decision to buy them from Wilkinsons but price wise they could not be beaten! I went to a couple of cheap pound type shops and ended up buying a bag of white onions (stuttgarter) and red onions (red karmen) from Wilkinsons @ £1 each and some Sturon from the '99p store' this is a big saving on the seed companies who charge between £2 an nearly £5 depending on variety.
At the moment they're sat waiting for warmer weather before they go into the plot, our plot neighbour (Will) starts them off in little pots in the greenhouse so that they have a head start, might be worth a try.


James Dougan said...

Hi, the pics and packaging look like 'Taylors', who are stocked in a lot of garden centres, so they are only cheap in price. I got my onion sets from Woolworths last year and they were great, so the only thing that seem to be cut is profits.

glosterwomble said...

I think you are probably right James, lots of places are doing good deals these days so it's worth looking around isn't it.