Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank Holiday weekend

Things have been hotting up with sowing seeds, all the frost tender seeds have now been sown (indoors) Courgette, pumpkin, squash, (several dif varieties of each) Borlotti bean, french bean and runner bean. We really need to buy another heated propagator as we're battling to get things into it, germinated and out so the next thing can go in! Seedlings and young plants have taken over the windowsills, the lower patio and table and all 3 of our small greenhouses.We managed to get up to the plot on Bank Holiday Monday, the weather was ok for a while but eventually rained us off around 4pm. We did however manage to build one of the brassica cages which I've been desperate to do. The idea is that it fits exactly over one of the beds and provides netting protection from pests but is easy to move off to get in and weed or harvest produce. We haven't finished stapling the netting to it yet, a quick hours job in the week maybe.
New brassica cage

The site was really busy with at least 7 plots being worked (that's busy for our site!) Sisters Heather and Hazel who are new to the site this year have thrown themselves into their plot with huge gusto and are slowly starting to put the rest of us to shame, today was no exception with the arrival of their latest addition 'Roger the Scarecrow' !

Hazel, Roger and Heather

Through out this last week I've been frantically sowing different seeds including starting the seed trial that I have been included in. I was chuffed to bits to be included in the 'Gardener's World Seed Trial 2008'. I'm really not sure how I did get involved in it but I received an official looking BBC package with the 2 varieties of toms that I will be trialling and the questionnaires to follow the progress. Exciting stuff! God I hope they grow ok!

Gardeners World Seed Trial 2008

I owe a rather belated thank you to Paul and Melanie at 'GROWING OUR OWN' for awarding me with an award of excellence for this blog, thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's really nice that people enjoy your blog, I now have to pass on this award to another blog and after much deliberation I have decided to award it to a recently discovered blog 'PLOT 61a'. Tim is developing a beautifully tended plot and enjoying the wildlife in the process, it's a great blog.

I have a busy week ahead of me, I've volunteered to help in the organic marquee at the RHS Malvern Spring Gardening Show. This will involve helping to set up the stand on Wednesday night and then to man the stand on Sunday (with others) and then help take it down later. I will tell more after the event. I need lots of strength this week!


Suffolk Outlaw said...

I think we have a budding Alan Titchmarsh here, BBC here we come!

glosterwomble said...

Bless you for believing in me so much!! I don't think Alan has anything to worry about though!

antipodes said...

hello glosterwomble, antipodes from A4A here. What a lovely blog you hve! And your garden is splendid! It looks so big!! I wish mine looked as neat as that!!
I can't help now but link you on my own blog! Good luck with the new growing season ;-)

glosterwomble said...

Thanks antipodes that's really nice of you. I was only reading your blog this morning how weird is that!! I will put a link on for you too.

Tim said...

Cheers GW!! (I take it you don't mind me abbreviating you so?)

I was hoping to post the award to my blog tonight, but run out of steam after a long afternoon in the sun. What wonderful weather for gardening! Still too warm to sleep though, so posted this in a break from my bed.

Hope to catch up on your blog tomorrow.

Thanks again and Best Regards,
tishop Tim

Tim said...

Hi glosterwomble. Cheers for the award!!
Hoping to pass it on asap! :o)x

Ali said...

Your blog is great, as is your allotment. You sound really passionate about your lotty, as I am about mine
I would be interested for more news on Roger the Scarecrow too if possible? See my blog and you'll see why!
Keep up the good work.
Ali from Carshalton in Surrey