Monday, May 26, 2008

Catch up

I think it shows that at this time of year we're all just so busy at the allotment that we don't have time to update our blogs, I subscribe to several and there has been a noticeable slowing down of postings as the spring leaps forward. It's the end of the month, bank holiday Monday and this is my first post since last bank hol at the beginning of May.
We've been up at the plot loads and things are looking great (apart from the endless weeds!) Watering duties have increased and loads more plants have gone in. D has been putting in lots of ornamental stuff on plot 2 and I've finally got the climbing beans in (Borlotti, French and runners) put loads more brassicas in under the cage and also put a few of the army of courgettes in.

A lot of our time has been taken up with other things including going to 2 top RHS flower shows... Malvern and Chelsea.

As I mentioned in my last post I volunteered to help run a stand at the Malvern Spring Garden show. I joined the "Gloucestershire Organic Gardening Group" (GOGG ) in February. They are a great group which holds regular monthly meetings and organise loads of different events including the potato weekend that I mentioned in a previous post on here. As well as helping to man the stand, which was great fun, I also helped to set it up on the Wednesday evening with another member of the group, it was a really fantastic experience because when I arrived the BBC were filming right in front of our marquee and we saw loads of famous horticultural people inc. Carol Klein, Joe Swift, Rachael De Thame, Jekka McVicar etc. After we had set up our stand we were able to walk around the showground and see all the exhibits and show gardens. As most people had finished setting up the place was really empty and it was if we had been given VIP preview tickets, we were even present when the RHS judges presented the medals to the show gardens!

Sue Jollans' (Gloucestershire designer) garden won Gold and 'Best in Show' at Malvern

I also decided that I wanted to go to the Chelsea flower show this year, I always love watching it on TV and always regret not going. We stayed with a great friend in London and went to the show on Friday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and we had a fab time, we even managed to witness Alan Titchmarsh filming a piece for the later BBC programme.

Alan Titchmarsh preparing for filming at Chelsea

The show gardens are what Chelsea is most famous for and I have to say they really are amazing to see, it's hard to believe that they haven't been there for years. My favourite was Andy Sturgeons Cancer Research Garden which won a very deserved gold medal.

Andy Sturgeon's Cancer Research garden Gold winner

As I finish writing this it is once again tipping it down, so much for bank holidays! I've just received a Golden Hop through the post from 'Crocus' and I'm dying to get to the plot to plant it let alone all the other plants that are preventing us from using our patio! Until next time ...


Jo said...

I've been wondering what you thought of Chelsea, and how you got on at Malvern.

Having never been to a RHS show I was keen to know what you thought of them.

I watched the BBC coverage each day of Chelsea, wishing that I was there. The show gardens look amazing on TV, but I'm sure they look far better when you are actually there.

I always like Andy Sturgeon's design's. He always seems such an unassuming man too, very modest.

So, which did you prefer? Chelsea or Malvern? I know that you was in an 'official' capacity at Malvern.

Your lottie is looking great. I'm interested to know what ornamental things 'D' has put in.

The kids are on holiday from school this week, so hopefully the weather will pick up, (can't bear to think of a week with them round my feet!!!).


glosterwomble said...

Hi Jo, It's really odd actually being at Chelsea this year having watched it for years on TV. I think that the show gardens actually look much smaller in real life, but it is fab to stand looking at them in real life, especially when on one there was Alan Titchmarsh, Andy Sturgeon was standing on his and Cleeve West was at his.
I have to say (not because I was helping out) Malvern is my favourite, it was great to see Chelsea but I think I preferred Malvern.
'D' has planted several different types of Chrysanthemums, Sweet peas, 3 or 4 types of sunflowers, Cosmos and loads more that I forget right now!

Your comments are lovely about the plot, thank you, it's nice to have this sort of interaction with people via the blog.

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know I stopped by and I very much enjoyed the pictures of your allotment. It looks like things are coming along beautifully.

glosterwomble said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for the comment. Just had a look at your blog, it looks great and I've put a link on my site in return.

Anonymous said...

Always great to check the progress of your allotment in the UK. Over here in Gloucester Massachusetts USA, the flowers are have been blossoming all over.

My particular favorite, the Rosa Rugosa is just about ready to pop all over our coastline.

I would love to have an allotment type of project in our inner city.

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

oh, BTW, I added you to my blogroll.

So if you see a bunch of us hits from us Gloucesterites from the US, you'll know why.

vegmonkey said...

Wow, you have been busy! The plot looks fantastic...and all that hob-nobbing with famout people too...can't be bad!

glosterwomble said...

Thanks for the comments and adding me to your blogroll Joey!!

Vegmonkey ... thanks for the kind remark about the plot looking good, the camera does sometimes lie!