Saturday, November 25, 2006

So here it is...warts and all!

So this is it, this is what greeted me on my first day at the plot, it was really strange that it didn't look this over grown when I was viewing it with Mrs. Baldwin.
Somehow in the couple of days that passed between me taking on the allotment and arriving on the Saturday morning to start it had grown at least 3 foot of weeds! Oh well that shows how fertile the soil is!

So it took 3 days on the first weekend with a petrol strimmer to clear the weeds and then on the next weekend we had a huge bonfire (you can just make out the burnt patch) next came the prep work for the 10 beds that are going in. Black plastic bought on Ebay was cut to size and pegged down, bed no.1 has been dug but boy was it HARD work! Taking up what basically had become turf and trying to dig out the couch grass roots. I am determined to do this in an organic way.

A Gloucester allotment

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