Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lets go wombling...

We drove over to collect some wood from a freecycle request of mine this lunchtime. I placed a wanted posting on freecycle for any old planks, wood of any kind etc. I received a reply from a lady who is in the process of demolishing some sheds in her garden, she kindly left the wood on the drive for us to collect at our leisure.
We took a fair bit including the old shed door and drove over to the allotment to deposit it. I really do love freecycle, it's the most brilliant idea, you don't want it, see if someone else does before you dump it! Without freecycle I would have had to buy wood to repair the shed, build the edges of the beds etc or at least taken ages finding bits here and there.

I spent a really nice afternoon pottering on the allotment, it had rained loads over the last week so it was a bit like a swamp. However, I managed to replace the floor in the shed with odds and sods from the old floor boards that were there and the freecycle wood. I was half way through and going about it in a very heath robinson way when I was suddenly aware that it was very slap dash and very recycled looking BUT this is what I wanted, I worried a bit that maybe I should take longer to make it look neater but this is what I have always found attractive about allotments and sheds...the hap hazard look! The floor is solid, it should be I used way too many nails, it looks quirky and robust and very allotment like.

I had a chat with John who has a couple of plots at the other end of the site. John's a Scot who has had his plots here for around 4 years, he is the gaffer (not officially but he knows his stuff and cares about the site) John is great for offering advice on things, he lives behind the site and keeps an eye on things, there is still vandelism but not as bad as it could be.

So, I need to bang some extra bits onto the outside of the shed, fix some things inside, and attach a door....easy.

A Gloucester allotment

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