Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And God said...let there be rain!

Ok so he didn't really but at the moment I am sailing the car in and out of the allotment! I went down there yesterday to put some odds and sods there that we had rescued from skips (door, pallet etc) There is a central track that leads through the middle of the site and at the moment it is a total quagmire, I got half way along and came to a grinding halt with the wheels just spinning! I don't actually know the right way to get out of that sort of situation (apart from phoning someone in distress!) so I floored the accelerator and hoped for the best, it worked. Of course then I had to do the same in reverse to get back out but luckily I managed without getting stuck.

It's so frustrating to stand looking at this plot of ground wanting to dig it but not being able to, the ground is just so sodden that it just sticks to everything, totally impossible to do.
I keep day dreaming about the summer and imagining what it will be like then...at the moment that feels a long way off!

I had a very garden influenced birthday the other week, I had some fab presents including : New spade, secateurs, trowel, hand fork, 2 allotment books, digital radio (for the plot), parsnip seeds and garden vouchers, I felt totally spoilt.

I've been trying to gather seed catalogues together to work out who to buy from but so far the only one that really inspires me is the real seed company. It's a small family owned seed company that appears to stand for all the values that I would like to have in growing veg. I don't like the fact that the multinationals are so dominant and that older varieties are dying out.

A Gloucester allotment

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