Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's on the horizon

Yep the good old season of goodwill seems to be well and truly upon us and it's only 3 more days until Christmas day's looming on the horizon!
I haven't been to the allotment since the 12th December because it hasn't stopped raining since and I don't want a repetition of the last visit! I've continued to study the seed catalogues and I've come to the conclusion that it's all a guessing game and nobody knows what they're doing really they just have a go and fall lucky! Well that's my theory and that's what I'm going to do I reckon, I'm just going to order loads of stuff, stop trying to work it all out scientifically, planning every last square inch and just bung loads of seed in and see what happens.
A bit like the attitude of Robin in the book 'Allotted time'. This is quiet an interesting book written by Robin Shelton and his friend Steve about his experience in 'doing' an allotment. Not a bad read! His attitude is '...stuff grows' (or some similar quote!) and I suppose that's correct, if you sow seeds they want to grow and ok maybe they need some attention as well now and then but generally it's not us that are the experts but him above or nature! I think I'll go off now and do some chatting to him above to see if he'll go and dig my plot over while I'm busy at never know!

A Gloucester allotment

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