Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another view!

This morning I posted the previous entry below about our attempt at attaching a door onto the shed. When I got home I found that D had sent an email to friends and family about our weekend which I am always sent a copy of. The following is his version of events....

'I had a day of working in a field in the rain yesterday - trying to make a new door for Chris's shed. We were freezing and muddy and bloody and not best happy - but we created a door of great beauty which swung and fitted so snugly as make one sigh with delight. Then we stood back to admire our work. And God decided that we had spent 2 hours creating a thing so terribly beautiful that he was jealous, and he sent down a holy wind to whip the door back so fast that it smash to pieces in front of my eyes - and also smashed the climbing rose which we had planted up the shed shortly afterwards to complete the perfection. God is a bitter and unjust old sh1t. We came home.'

Funny how people view it eh?? I knew I was frustrated but his version seems so much more comedic, bitter and frustrated! To any devoutly religious people I apologise for his view of God!!

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