Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gloucester Garden Website

I've decided to include a link to my website (or should I say web page!) for my garden, the garden is very new and the website is very new and very basic so please forgive me! (The link is to the side of this page)

This garden is our first garden in 15 years having lived in a flat all that time, it has given us lots of fun and frustration. We were very lucky to win an award at the end of last year for it which bowled us over, then 2 weeks later we were told that 'Gardener's world' magazine were going to publish pictures of it as their November make over garden. If that wasn't enough they sent us £100 worth of gardeners vouchers which was amazing. We still haven't spent them as we liked the idea of buying a nice bench/ornament/'thing' for the garden rather than spend it on smaller items and not have anything to show for it, if you get my drift, and we just can't decide what to get...oh the dilemma!!!!

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