Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold frames arrive!

So, 'tis the time of year to make cold frames pay their keep. I spent most of today reassembling the plastic one I bought from Aldi last year and then building two new ones from FREECYCLED bricks and old windows given to me by a hairdressing client.

Our garden is long and narrow, very typical of Victorian terrace houses, the working end of the garden is at the very top and because cold frames need regulating and checking most days I have decided to set them up here and not at the plot. I still have loads of bricks left over and a couple of old windows, so I may also set up some cold frames at the plot later on but we'll see.

Yesterday on the way home after work, I bought my supply of seed potatoes from a local garden centre . The list is as follows :-

Duke of York...First early...10 tubers

Pentland Javelin...First early...3kg

Nadine...Second early...3kg

Maris Piper...Main...3kg

Pink Fir Apple...Main...10 tubers

I've thrown everything around in the shed so that I can squeeze in a small table by the window to accommodate them whilst they are being chitted.

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