Monday, February 26, 2007

Living willow fence AKA 'Fedge'

Not to do with the allotment but hey what the hell I'm gonna tell you about this. I decided that we needed to do something about the hedge between us and next door.
Most of the way down the garden it's ok, a privet hedge that D spends his entire summer cutting to within an inch of it's life! Unfortunately at the top end by the patio it's more of a wild bramble mixture and a bit spartan in places.

So our problem this year is that next door are in the process of creating a patio area by the side of this area of hedge which is also by our patio, we explored options of bamboo and other ideas but I was really taken with the idea of doing a living willow fence which also go under the name 'Fedge'. The principle is easy, you take willow cuttings and push them into the ground, weave them together and keep them watered until they root. Come summer they will be in full leaf and create a hedge/fence

I placed a wanted post on FREECYCLE website to see if it might be possible to get some free willow, as the small amount that I needed would cost between £40-£50, a very kind lady responded and yesterday lunchtime was spent in her garden cutting the off shoot willow away from her living fence.

By 6pm I had pushed, tweaked and woven all that willow to create the beauty that you see below (it carries on behind the shed) It was SO therapeutic doing it and now hopefully come barbecue season we shouldn't feel as if we're dining with the neighbours!

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