Wednesday, February 14, 2007

an inconvenient truth

Last night we sat and watched the DVD 'an inconvenient truth' with Al Gore, to say that this DVD was fascinating almost feels wrong to say but I urge you to watch it if you get the chance. Now I can hear you saying 'yeah? what's it about?', well it's a documentary film about GLOBAL WALMING, exciting stuff eh?! I could ramble on and say loads and having seen this film I would love to stand on the highest roof to shout the message to anyone who would listen, but the simple truth is that you have to see the film yourself to realise that we MUST change and we must change NOW!

I have never felt so excited about seeing a documentery or so sh*t scared!
I am not some nut who would stand on my soap box spouting biblical extracts or political quotes but this DVD has really hit the mark when it comes to what we are doing to our planet. Simple changes are the start, use energy light bulbs, drive less, cut down on food miles! One of the reasons that I wanted to grow our own veg is to know where the produce is coming from, what has been sprayed on it (or not hopefully!) and to also cut down on food miles.

When I named this blog 'Fork it' I also thought of calling it 'One foood mile' because it is one mile from plot to house. One simple mile. Why do people want food out of season? Why would you want strawberries that have been flown half way around the world and taste naff in December when our own from this country are FABULOUS! Why not wait and look forward to wonderful tasting produce at the correct time of the year and celebrate good British grown produce!

Think about it? Next time you are in the shop buy British and next time you are changing a light bulb put in an energy saving will be saving money as much as you are saving the planet!! an american site related to this film but SO worth 5 minutes browse... you never know you might just tip the balance!

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