Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some days I just wanna say...FORK it!!!

It had been planned for the last week that the weekend would be a productive weekend at the plot, he above had other ideas!

'D' was a star, he'd booked a day off on Monday so that we could go together up to the plot and sort out a few things. We'd thought that we'd maybe get some digging done but after all the snow on Thursday and Friday (followed by non stop rain) we decided to just sort out the shed and fix a door onto it.

It felt like I was in a Laurel and Hardy sketch! We arrived, it rained, we spent ages fixing new door in place...it looked great (with allotment eyes that is!) the wind then blew it off and we were back to square one!! This is the point that I sort of lost it and behaved WORSE than a 13 year old, I knew it was going to be hard but this was BLOODY hard. We were wet, cold and very frustrated, luckily for me D is a very calming sort of person and stopped me in my tracks, sat me down and gave me a good talking to.

Once I'd calmed down we decided to clear a small patch to plant 5 raspberry canes that a hair client of mine kindly gave me. We de-turfed an area in front of the shed and planted them, it did feel much better to actually plant something. I also planted a bare rooted climbing rose 'New Dawn' in front of the shed, hopefully it will scramble up the shed and make it look beautiful!

So the door came home with us for repairs, I WILL make this allotment work, if only we could have some dry weather, it is winter though so I suppose I should calm down and be patient.

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